Bridging The Gap Between Art and Science

The distance between Engineering and English buildings on most university campuses
is often quite far and to some, it serves as legitimate exercise to walk between the two. Discussions within each respective building may appear different on the surface, but in many ways they are inextricably linked.

Take a poet strolling along a fishing pier to enjoy one of his favorites muses…..the jumping of seasonal fish in and out of the water. The poet relies on the engineer who constructed the pier.

Federico Bryans has successfully merged these complimentary elements. Bryans is Cookeyah’s chief graphic designer.

“I created a floating composition,” he explains, “Rather than a linear or schematic portrayal of evolution.”

The result is a wonderful illustration of Cookeyah’s practical effect; that is….enabling users to navigate freely in a mobile world without suffering from the clutter of too many passwords.

…authenticate with your own voice