Can I please hear your autograph?

Yes, that’s right. Hear your autograph.

Tracking down the signatures of baseball players is as old as baseball and can be a cut throat scramble as men elbow young boys and push woman out-of-the-way for position.
If you’ve never been a collector, don’t bother trying to understand.

But have no fear my moral friends, egraphs is here. Fans can now send away for their favorite player signatures and in addition, request a personalized audio message to accompany the picture.  But how can a fan or friend of a fan looking to buy a gift be sure the signature and voice of say, Derek Jeter is authentic? The answer is biometrics.
Personally, I would rather have an egraph of Harold Baines, but the point or print here is Biometrics and I’ll say it again….Biometrics.

I think we can safely say that biometrics (handwriting and voice) has made its way into the mainstream as a legitimate means of authentication. I can’t stop myself from dreaming of the day when Bruce Bochy whips out his mobile device in the middle of a game to consult his secret international website to analyze the effects a LOOGY (left-handed reliever) will have on the remainder of the inning. Mr. Bochy needs a password to access the system and it’s a good thing he has Cookeyah’s voice biometric password manager installed because he doesn’t remember the password. He reads a random phrase and is logged in and the Giants work out of a jam and win another game in route to another World Series trophy.


Swooped Up By Mars

Maybe I’m under the influence of the Mars Rover Curiosity and maybe those still in love with political sparring will arrest me for not paying attention to ethnic, religious, and geopolitical battles that never seem to change. Whatever! There is discovery happening on Mars and I don’t understand why the news is not jumbo cast on Times Square size screens in metropolis and back alleys alike all across earth. In the same way, I don’t understand how the 2000 movie, “Mission to Mars” did not become the hype that Star Wars was and still is.

Maybe I’m lacking some cinema critic’s degree or maybe I’m tired of Earth, but “Mission to Mars” is sriptilating and if that’s not a word, then let me explain.

The martian storm that takes lives and is the seed of the rescue mission was not the typically bizarre and violent extra-terrestrial we’ve come to expect and at the same time, it was not all E.T. peace and love. It was a communication attempt with “other” and when NASA’s signal did not make sense, the martian defended itself with a massive and destructive vacuum.

It took M&M’s sprawled on the spaceship floor to set one the astronaut’s minds in a new direction. M&M’s make friends after all! And so the signal was reconfigured and the Martian understood the second attempt and invited its earthly descendants inside. Yes, earthly descendants.

That is all I will say in case you have never seen the movie. And how does this relate to Cookeyah and passwords? The movie illustrates the difference between speaker recognition (who is speaking) and speech recognition (what is being said). The Astronauts use both. They log into systems using their voice and then communicate with the system through that same voice. One recognizes patterns and the other takes it one step further; it deciphers language.

There was a time when radio seemed like a dream. Exciting days are upon us, earthly problems not withstanding.

…authenticate with your own voice

Bridging The Gap Between Art and Science

The distance between Engineering and English buildings on most university campuses
is often quite far and to some, it serves as legitimate exercise to walk between the two. Discussions within each respective building may appear different on the surface, but in many ways they are inextricably linked.

Take a poet strolling along a fishing pier to enjoy one of his favorites muses…..the jumping of seasonal fish in and out of the water. The poet relies on the engineer who constructed the pier.

Federico Bryans has successfully merged these complimentary elements. Bryans is Cookeyah’s chief graphic designer.

“I created a floating composition,” he explains, “Rather than a linear or schematic portrayal of evolution.”

The result is a wonderful illustration of Cookeyah’s practical effect; that is….enabling users to navigate freely in a mobile world without suffering from the clutter of too many passwords.

…authenticate with your own voice

A Peek Into The Mobile Device Future

If your daily commute is filled with “walkie-talkies,” you’re not alone. According to the International Telecommunication Union, there were 6 billion mobile subscribers at the close of 2011. That amounts to a whopping 87 percent of the world population and marks a significant increase from 5.4 billion in 2010 and 4.7 in 2009.

Human beings crave convenience and our inclination seems to expand with every new device. What begins as a luxury item quickly becomes a necessity. And to think there was a time when “great distance” equated to a portage of animal furs from Montreal to Green Bay by canoe. Nowadays, we drive to shopping malls to take a walk.

“Mobile devices are like any other gadgets. They create dependency,” says Cookeyah’s chief software designer, Nicholas Yachtiovich.

Self-reliance does seem to be an endangered concept in the face of so much convenience and  according to Nick, “There is no turning back.”

In less than 20 years, we’ve witnessed the tossing of file cabinets into the dustbin of history. A study in the journal, Science, calculated that in 2007 the amount of data stored in 60 different technologies had reached 295 exabytes or in lay man’s terms,

“If we were able to take all that information and store it in books, we could cover the entire area of the USA or China with 13 layers of books,” says Dr. Martin Hilbert of the University of Southern California.

But convenient storage was only the beginning. The internet threw us into an entirely new dimension with instant information rivaling a library’s holdings not to mention online shopping which reached 150 billion dollars in the United States (2010) and according to Magenta Open eSource Commerce, the forecast is 250 billion by 2014.

There is no turning back indeed, but according to Nick, there will be some very familiar changes.

“Computers were initially used to play games,” he explains, “Before slowly transitioning into more useful applications in business and medicine.”

Mobile devices will apparently do the same as users shift from the thrill of new gadgetry into applications geared more towards the completion of daily tasks.

“New applications will be built that integrate well with mobile phones,” Nick says.
“….Practical applications like network monitoring to check the status of any home devices connected to a network like thermostats and perhaps, solar panel positioning.”

It’s for this very reason that Cookeyah was designed using a modular approach. The software’s functionality already includes storage of passwords and will soon provide the same for loyalty cards as well as secure online payment. A modular approach is likened to a train with boxcars not welded together. The different components can then be re-configured and/or upgraded.

“If we can think it,” Nick says, “We can make it happen.”

…authenticate with your own voice

Invisible Data Snatchers

Washing our hands with religious zeal is a good habit to have
in our ongoing assault against viruses. In the digital world, it’s the equivalent of securing data within a climate where mobile devices continue to replace PC’s.

Confucius say,

“In times of peace, prepare for war.”

Cookeyah say,

“In times of information overload,
build a secure, easy to access storage nest
to house an increasing number of passwords,
loyalty cards, and credit card information.”

We humans like to illustrate what we can’t tangibly see, touch, or feel. The expressions “cyber space” and “cloud sharing services” like Dropbox, Google Docs, and  Microsoft SkyDrive depict a sort of “see no evil-hear no evil” paradise, but clouds by definition are “frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere” and suspended in no way implies secure and this is important because cloud services must be secure in order to protect our sensitive data.

Cookeyah provides this type of security by implementing the same core structure as its sister company-Trusttle, that is….three-layered encryption with voice biometric as its primary authentication mechanism.

Cookeyah software integrates wonderfully with mobile devices and cloud sharing services. Think of the three as interdependent entities, a sort of triple helix spinning us safely into the mobile future.

A mobile device provides easy access to websites where documents can be completed and shared on cloud services and purchases can be made from anywhere in the world. Passwords, loyalty cards, and credit card information must be available with a click of the button if efficiency is to be maintained, but at what cost?

Let’s embrace the fact that data theft is a reality and take the necessary steps to build a strong defense.

…authenticate with your own voice

Three Course Technological Feast

A package with all the necessary ingredients to make organic pancakes is efficient, cost-effective, and good for your bones.  And it tastes out of this world too. Cookeyah’s Password Bank is not pancake batter, but three independent functions will soon make the innovative software a very nutritious technological feast, one that will transform our cluttered lives into a Japanese garden of simplicity.

Cookeyah is already an encrypted password bank utilizing the human voice as an authentication mechanism and soon its software functionality will include loyalty card storage as well as a secure online payment system. All three functions will share the same interface making Cookeyah a multidimensional solution in today’s mobile environment.

Let’s look ahead for a moment and imagine the following scenario. Please apply it as you see fit since we don’t all have children or the funds to swim in the Bahamas, but we can all afford to download Cookeyah for free and enjoy a more organized life.

You (a husband and father of two children) are enjoying a family vacation in the Bahamas. You take a break from the ocean swim to enjoy an umbrella drink at the bar and overhear a conversation discussing the latest American Airlines special; two for one airfare and all children fly free with the same purchase. The tickets must be purchased by 5pm and travel must be completed within six months. Here’s where the Cookeyah dream kicks in.

You run to your wife who reminds you it’s her turn to pick a vacation and so hiking in the Saint Elias Mountains of The Yukon it will be, but there is a problem. Actually, there are three problems. Clumsy Dad forgot all of his important cards at the hotel which is nearly 4 hours away. It’s already 2:30 in the afternoon. There is no time to track down his password for the American Airlines website, his Frequent Flyer Card number, and his credit card to make the purchase. Have no fear, Mom already entered all password, loyalty, and credit card data onto her Cookeyah account and she never leaves home or hotel without it.

As much as Dad had hoped to skip the scaling of a mountain ridge, Cookeyah makes certain he won’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Complete Cookeyah Registration on its website and enjoy the free software.

…authenticate with your own voice

The Passion and Patience of Innovation

The word “innoventsia” ripples waves of wonder inside Cookeyah’s basement headquarters. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, or night. Sleeves are rolled up. Coffee is made and a new version of Cookeyah software is immediately discussed.

Innoventsia is the Russian word for innovation. It is also Cookeyah’s unofficial anthem. Nickolas Yachtiovoch (Nick) and Valentine Kamskyy share more than the same mother tongue. As Cookeyah’s primary software designers, they share a mutual passion for designing cutting edge data security systems.

“It takes time,” says Nick. “We rely on testers to ensure our software is both secure and user-friendly so when it’s launched, our customers are satisfied.”

Nick is Cookeyah’s team leader and chief software designer in secure encryption. The atmosphere in the well-lit office is both relaxed and serious. Discussions range from encryption techniques to patent law to subatomic particles. Nick is satisfied with the progress of Cookeyah. The original objective of solid encryption sharing an interface with voice biometric authentication has been achieved.

“We are making the software much more expandable now,” Nick explains, “So it can integrate with mobile devices. If programs are not designed to integrate with devices like  iPhone,” he continues.”They have no chance to survive.”

Apple Smart phone shipments nearly doubled between 2010 and 2011 from 47.5 million to 93.2. (International Data Corporation) The new wave of mobile computing sales now exceeds that of home PC’s. (Canalys) The amazing convenience of completing purchases through mobile devices will undoubtedly increase in the years to come and yet according to MobiStats, only 4 per cent of smartphones and tablet computers shipped in 2010 had some form of mobile security downloaded and installed.

This is where Cookeyah can play a pivotal role by integrating its encryption based software and voice biometric authentication into newer devices…..
as long as the office doesn’t run out of coffee and from the sound of it,
the brew is getting stronger.

“We will soon be expanding Cookeyah’s functionality, says Shrey Ahuja, “To include unlimited storage space for the dozens of loyalty cards consumers carry around in purses and wallets.”

Shrey is Cookeyah’s director of marketing and social media. She knows how important it is for consumers to be organized.

“The amount of money consumers save, Shrey says, “When they use loyalty cards on a consistent basis definitely adds up…especially for  larger families.”

Cookeyah’s interface will allow consumers to not only store the cards in a “digital wallet.”
It will update totals automatically and provide a list of upcoming specials, so no deal is ever missed.

Cookeyah’s mission of integrating with today’s devices in order to make our lives more efficient seems to be only beginning…..

Complete Cookeyah Registration on its website and enjoy the free software.

…authenticate with your own voice