Can I please hear your autograph?

Yes, that’s right. Hear your autograph.

Tracking down the signatures of baseball players is as old as baseball and can be a cut throat scramble as men elbow young boys and push woman out-of-the-way for position.
If you’ve never been a collector, don’t bother trying to understand.

But have no fear my moral friends, egraphs is here. Fans can now send away for their favorite player signatures and in addition, request a personalized audio message to accompany the picture.  But how can a fan or friend of a fan looking to buy a gift be sure the signature and voice of say, Derek Jeter is authentic? The answer is biometrics.
Personally, I would rather have an egraph of Harold Baines, but the point or print here is Biometrics and I’ll say it again….Biometrics.

I think we can safely say that biometrics (handwriting and voice) has made its way into the mainstream as a legitimate means of authentication. I can’t stop myself from dreaming of the day when Bruce Bochy whips out his mobile device in the middle of a game to consult his secret international website to analyze the effects a LOOGY (left-handed reliever) will have on the remainder of the inning. Mr. Bochy needs a password to access the system and it’s a good thing he has Cookeyah’s voice biometric password manager installed because he doesn’t remember the password. He reads a random phrase and is logged in and the Giants work out of a jam and win another game in route to another World Series trophy.


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