Swooped Up By Mars

Maybe I’m under the influence of the Mars Rover Curiosity and maybe those still in love with political sparring will arrest me for not paying attention to ethnic, religious, and geopolitical battles that never seem to change. Whatever! There is discovery happening on Mars and I don’t understand why the news is not jumbo cast on Times Square size screens in metropolis and back alleys alike all across earth. In the same way, I don’t understand how the 2000 movie, “Mission to Mars” did not become the hype that Star Wars was and still is.

Maybe I’m lacking some cinema critic’s degree or maybe I’m tired of Earth, but “Mission to Mars” is sriptilating and if that’s not a word, then let me explain.

The martian storm that takes lives and is the seed of the rescue mission was not the typically bizarre and violent extra-terrestrial we’ve come to expect and at the same time, it was not all E.T. peace and love. It was a communication attempt with “other” and when NASA’s signal did not make sense, the martian defended itself with a massive and destructive vacuum.

It took M&M’s sprawled on the spaceship floor to set one the astronaut’s minds in a new direction. M&M’s make friends after all! And so the signal was reconfigured and the Martian understood the second attempt and invited its earthly descendants inside. Yes, earthly descendants.

That is all I will say in case you have never seen the movie. And how does this relate to Cookeyah and passwords? The movie illustrates the difference between speaker recognition (who is speaking) and speech recognition (what is being said). The Astronauts use both. They log into systems using their voice and then communicate with the system through that same voice. One recognizes patterns and the other takes it one step further; it deciphers language.

There was a time when radio seemed like a dream. Exciting days are upon us, earthly problems not withstanding.

…authenticate with your own voice


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