Invisible Data Snatchers

Washing our hands with religious zeal is a good habit to have
in our ongoing assault against viruses. In the digital world, it’s the equivalent of securing data within a climate where mobile devices continue to replace PC’s.

Confucius say,

“In times of peace, prepare for war.”

Cookeyah say,

“In times of information overload,
build a secure, easy to access storage nest
to house an increasing number of passwords,
loyalty cards, and credit card information.”

We humans like to illustrate what we can’t tangibly see, touch, or feel. The expressions “cyber space” and “cloud sharing services” like Dropbox, Google Docs, and  Microsoft SkyDrive depict a sort of “see no evil-hear no evil” paradise, but clouds by definition are “frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere” and suspended in no way implies secure and this is important because cloud services must be secure in order to protect our sensitive data.

Cookeyah provides this type of security by implementing the same core structure as its sister company-Trusttle, that is….three-layered encryption with voice biometric as its primary authentication mechanism.

Cookeyah software integrates wonderfully with mobile devices and cloud sharing services. Think of the three as interdependent entities, a sort of triple helix spinning us safely into the mobile future.

A mobile device provides easy access to websites where documents can be completed and shared on cloud services and purchases can be made from anywhere in the world. Passwords, loyalty cards, and credit card information must be available with a click of the button if efficiency is to be maintained, but at what cost?

Let’s embrace the fact that data theft is a reality and take the necessary steps to build a strong defense.

…authenticate with your own voice