Three Course Technological Feast

A package with all the necessary ingredients to make organic pancakes is efficient, cost-effective, and good for your bones.  And it tastes out of this world too. Cookeyah’s Password Bank is not pancake batter, but three independent functions will soon make the innovative software a very nutritious technological feast, one that will transform our cluttered lives into a Japanese garden of simplicity.

Cookeyah is already an encrypted password bank utilizing the human voice as an authentication mechanism and soon its software functionality will include loyalty card storage as well as a secure online payment system. All three functions will share the same interface making Cookeyah a multidimensional solution in today’s mobile environment.

Let’s look ahead for a moment and imagine the following scenario. Please apply it as you see fit since we don’t all have children or the funds to swim in the Bahamas, but we can all afford to download Cookeyah for free and enjoy a more organized life.

You (a husband and father of two children) are enjoying a family vacation in the Bahamas. You take a break from the ocean swim to enjoy an umbrella drink at the bar and overhear a conversation discussing the latest American Airlines special; two for one airfare and all children fly free with the same purchase. The tickets must be purchased by 5pm and travel must be completed within six months. Here’s where the Cookeyah dream kicks in.

You run to your wife who reminds you it’s her turn to pick a vacation and so hiking in the Saint Elias Mountains of The Yukon it will be, but there is a problem. Actually, there are three problems. Clumsy Dad forgot all of his important cards at the hotel which is nearly 4 hours away. It’s already 2:30 in the afternoon. There is no time to track down his password for the American Airlines website, his Frequent Flyer Card number, and his credit card to make the purchase. Have no fear, Mom already entered all password, loyalty, and credit card data onto her Cookeyah account and she never leaves home or hotel without it.

As much as Dad had hoped to skip the scaling of a mountain ridge, Cookeyah makes certain he won’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Complete Cookeyah Registration on its website and enjoy the free software.

…authenticate with your own voice


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