The Passion and Patience of Innovation

The word “innoventsia” ripples waves of wonder inside Cookeyah’s basement headquarters. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, or night. Sleeves are rolled up. Coffee is made and a new version of Cookeyah software is immediately discussed.

Innoventsia is the Russian word for innovation. It is also Cookeyah’s unofficial anthem. Nickolas Yachtiovoch (Nick) and Valentine Kamskyy share more than the same mother tongue. As Cookeyah’s primary software designers, they share a mutual passion for designing cutting edge data security systems.

“It takes time,” says Nick. “We rely on testers to ensure our software is both secure and user-friendly so when it’s launched, our customers are satisfied.”

Nick is Cookeyah’s team leader and chief software designer in secure encryption. The atmosphere in the well-lit office is both relaxed and serious. Discussions range from encryption techniques to patent law to subatomic particles. Nick is satisfied with the progress of Cookeyah. The original objective of solid encryption sharing an interface with voice biometric authentication has been achieved.

“We are making the software much more expandable now,” Nick explains, “So it can integrate with mobile devices. If programs are not designed to integrate with devices like  iPhone,” he continues.”They have no chance to survive.”

Apple Smart phone shipments nearly doubled between 2010 and 2011 from 47.5 million to 93.2. (International Data Corporation) The new wave of mobile computing sales now exceeds that of home PC’s. (Canalys) The amazing convenience of completing purchases through mobile devices will undoubtedly increase in the years to come and yet according to MobiStats, only 4 per cent of smartphones and tablet computers shipped in 2010 had some form of mobile security downloaded and installed.

This is where Cookeyah can play a pivotal role by integrating its encryption based software and voice biometric authentication into newer devices…..
as long as the office doesn’t run out of coffee and from the sound of it,
the brew is getting stronger.

“We will soon be expanding Cookeyah’s functionality, says Shrey Ahuja, “To include unlimited storage space for the dozens of loyalty cards consumers carry around in purses and wallets.”

Shrey is Cookeyah’s director of marketing and social media. She knows how important it is for consumers to be organized.

“The amount of money consumers save, Shrey says, “When they use loyalty cards on a consistent basis definitely adds up…especially for  larger families.”

Cookeyah’s interface will allow consumers to not only store the cards in a “digital wallet.”
It will update totals automatically and provide a list of upcoming specials, so no deal is ever missed.

Cookeyah’s mission of integrating with today’s devices in order to make our lives more efficient seems to be only beginning…..

Complete Cookeyah Registration on its website and enjoy the free software.

…authenticate with your own voice


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