Rearranging the Technological Furniture

The long, hot summer blends well with outdoor music festivals, swimming in public pools, and upgrading your vintage Pontiac Thunderbird with a more powerful motor because no summer is complete without some tinkering to a modular structure.

Modular Designs are used in buildings, automobiles, and computer hardware. They  separate mechanisms into smaller and independent components enabling upgrades and/or maintenance to be completed without disrupting the overall system. This proves to be cost-effective and beneficial when for example you’re preparing for a drag race by the lake and need some more vrooooom in your engine.

Cookeyah was also designed with a modular approach in order to facilitate ongoing innovation. Modular approaches become critically important in a technology industry that rolls out the red carpet for new devices on a seasonal basis. A modular approach is the equivalent of boxcars being linked by hitches that can be easily removed or upgraded rather than permanently welded together.

Cookeyah’s password bank is now up and running, but there is little cause for celebration in the minds of the company’s design team. There is much more innovation to be realized with the password bank only the tip of Cookeyah’s iceberg. As the summer heats up, so is Cookeyah. They’re busy tinkering with mechanisms in order to expand the software’s functions.

Cookeyah will soon be much more than a password bank. It will serve as secure storage for customer loyalty cards as well as a secure place to make online payments.

The same voice biometric and three-layered encryption present in Cookeyah’s password bank will now protect a consolidated interface where loyalty cards can be stored and accessed in one centralized location. In addition, the interface will update automatically keeping consumers aware of how many points they have earned.

The innovative device will serve consumers and their loyalty cards the same way wallets have stored credit cards for years. The difference is that we now live in a highly mobile world. We need access to the internet all hours of the day whether in the office, at home, or on the road. We need a secure and centralized location for all of our passwords and loyalty cards. We need a way to make secure online payments.

Cookeyah is geared to bring these practical features to a public in digital need.

Complete Cookeyah Registration on its website and enjoy the free software.

…authenticate with your own voice


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